What is Touched with Style?

Touched with Style is your one stop fashion and beauty shop. We have the TWS Boutique, which are ready made items offered in limited quantities and rotated out often to remain exclusive and allow us to be able to consistently offer new and on trend items! We have Touched with Style custom pieces, where we specialize in custom apparel, designs, celebratory keepsakes, as well as makeup application services.

Do you only do shirt designs?

No. Touched with Style is all about helping you bring your vision to life! Shirts, pants, shoes, graduation caps, event props/decor, etc. whatever you have in mind we will do our best to make it happen. You can easily request custom services through our contact page.

Can I have an item Ialready own Touched with Style?

Yes! Contact us to discuss what you would like done to your item and we will do our best to get it done for you!

Do you ship internationally?

No. We currently only ship within the U.S. and Canada.

What is the normal turn around time for orders?

TWS Boutique items ship put within 2 business days. For custom pieces order processing can vary due to the attention to detail and customization required for each piece. Orders normally take between 3-5 business days for completion, but can take anywhere between 5-7 business days with increased volume such as during a sale or holiday. You will receive an estimated shipping date upon request.  Shipping is normally 2 business days, and tracking is sent via email once item has been physically taken to post office.

How do your items sizes run?
TWS boutique items have descriptions of material under each item, and will soon include customer reviews. Distressed items with names as titles (Ex: Tanny, Kim, Sydney) are unisex fit unless stated otherwise. This means sizes will be more loose fitting on women, and more normal fitting on men.
How do I care for my Touched with Style item?
Most Touched with Style items can withstand normal wear and tear. Items with beading, fringe, rhinestones, lace etc. should be handled with care. Our recommendation is hand wash items and hang dry, or wash on delicate setting and low tumble or air dry.