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It’s finally here, it’s in stores and the majority is LOVING the new Fenty Beauty cosmetics line by the iconic Rhianna! Rhianna dropped her highly anticipated Fenty Beauty September 8th online and in Sephora’s across the world. The line includes 1 primer ($32), 40 foundation shades ($34), 20 Match Stix Matte Skinsticks  shades ($25), 10 Match Stic Shimmer Skinsticks ($25), 4 Concealer + Contour + Highlight Match Stix Trios ($54), Blotting Powder ($32) and Papers ($16, $10 refill), 6 highlighters– 2 single color compacts and 4 duo color compacts ($34), 1 lip gloss ($18), 1 full size foundation brush ($34), 1 full size cheek hugging highlight brush ($32), 1 precision blending sponge ($16), 1 travel size contour/concealer brush ($24), highlight brush ($24), and touch-up brush ($24). I want to talk about each product individually so this post will be long and in-depth as possible, so I will put headings so you can read about whichever product your most interested in. If you would simply like to read about my thoughts about the liner overall just scrollllllll ally their waaaaayyyyy doooownnnn!

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

As stated on the fentybeauty.com website the Pro Filt’r Primer is “A shine-stopping, pore-diffusing primer that smooths the way for better foundation application and longer wear with an instant retouch effect.” I tested out the primer and so far so good. Upon application you can feel a distinct silicon-like feel that glides over the skin to smooth and minimize pores. The primer was a soft and silky touch and created an event canvas to begin makeup application. It gives a “face tune softening affect” that can be seen even before applying foundation. Unlike many other primers I’ve tried and use this Fenty Beauty Primer did not leave a white cast or residue. This awesome because you can see the affects of the primer before applying any other products, you can wear on its own. I want to test it out a few more times under different foundations, different events during the day, and on its own to really be able to give a full opinion on it, but so far its a great value for the line its a part of and quality.

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Loungewear Foundation 

EVERYONE, including me, was super hype for the shade ranges of this foundation! As an African-American female who loves makeup, but its extremely under marketed in the beauty community this was a beautiful site to see. From including an almost pure white foundation to the deepest of brown I was in LOVE with the site of the 40 foundations shades lined up next to one another. Rhianna also did a wonderful job of trying the to capture and include the many different undertones we have. The foundations are labeled cool, warm, and neutral and you can find almost every undertone under the sun included. I played with and watched several shades some close to my complexion and others far off just to see how they oxidize and feel. These foundation do naturally oxidize, so I found that the shade I initially put on thinking it was a match “450” was actually too dark. This just reassured me that even the darkest shade in the collection “490” can cater too the deepest beautiful shades of melanin. The foundations blend into the skin soon seamlessly. It looks like the best version of your natural skin. The soft matte finish leaves you looking airbrushed, and unlike most matte foundations where you absolutely need to conceal and contour to bring dimension back to the face, this one does not. The foundation claims to be medium, but build able to full coverage which I found to be true for me, but could be false for others. Due to the skin like finish of the foundation, I believe this to only qualify as a full coverage foundation if you have little to no skin complexion issues or blemishes. If you have acne scars, etc I do not see this foundation being able to create a flawless complexion, as opposed to an Estee Lauder “Double Wear” Foundation or Lancome “Teint Idole” Foundation. While testing this foundation in my normal routine of taking OOTD pics for Instagram, in the sun, changing in my car, being my own photographer, going back and forth in the sun I found that excessive blotting was required. Although I do heat up and sweat more than most in my opinion the foundation did not move like I’ve experienced with some. I did not have the blotting powder to test, but instead used a dry napkin and blotted areas of excessive shine. I found that shine would seep through, but the foundation did not move. At a price point of $34 I believe this to be an awesome price for the product.

Match Stick Matte Skinsticks

Personally not a fan of stick products that are supposed to be applied after foundation has already been laid down, I cannot account for how the product works on the face. I did however swatch several shades of these matte skinsticks and found them to be tougher to blend than the foundation, but not annoyingly stiff. The shades are fewer than the foundation, but abundant enough to accommodate multiple skin tones. These Match Stix are sold individually for $25 each, and can also be combined in a customizable trio for $54. This customizable trio is different than the pre-picked trios. This customizable option allows you to mix and match 2 matte and shimmer skinsticks to create your very own conceal + contour + highlight combo, and essentially is a buy 2 get one free type of deal. The skinsticks again have various undertones to accommodate multiple skin tones and are stated on the site as “A magnetized makeup stick in a longwear, light-as-air matte formula to conceal, correct, contour, and touch up.”

Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks

The shimmer Skinsticks are multi-use cream stick products. They are stated on the Fenty Beauty website, “lets you highlight, blush, and enhance with its sick rainbow lineup: 10 universal colors that catch light in ways you never dreamed of.”While swatching these shimmer sticks I did have to go back and forth a few times to get a really good pigmentation, but the pigment is there and I believe this stops you from over applying the product. I found this product to translate to me the most of characteristics and personality of Rhianna herself. The tropical vibrant shades give me island vibes, and multi-use capabilities translates to me the many facets of who Rhianna is, a singer, designer, and now cosmetics line owner. The shimmer sticks do catch light and bling off the skin. Again I am not a fan of applying stick products to the face after foundation has been laid or applying makeup with my hands, but I think that will be the easiest way to apply this product to the face, lips, or eyes. My favorite shades of the shimmer skin sticks are “Rum” and “Yacht Life”

Match Stix Trio

The Match Stix Trios are pre-picked shades of the Matte skinsticks that also retails for $54. There are only 4 shade option in these pre-picked shades which may be easier to choose from than the 20 shades for the customizable option. The websites states, “With Match Stix Trios, take your complexion to the next level without the guesswork. Our pre-bundled sets make it easy to conceal, contour, and highlight on repeat. These light-as-air makeup sticks are expertly curated—and magnetize together—so you’re always ready for anything.”

Blotting Products

If you wear makeup then you know the is gone come! On the site is says that the universal blotting powder that absorbs shine and diffuses the look of pores for an instant filtered look on the fly. The Invisimatte’s translucent powder is completely traceless against all skin tones and won’t cake, creep into pores or fine lines, or disturb makeup. And get this: It extends the wear of your foundation, too. I have not been able to try this product as of yet, but it sounds like a lifesaver for every beat face slayer

Killawatt Highlighters

The Kilawatt Highlighters come in 6 different shades to blind the haters with an intense glow. The favorite of the 6 has been the distinct shade called “Trophy Wife”. This is a intense yellow gold highlighter that comes in a single shade full size compact.The Highlighters are buttery to the touch and packed with glow. These highlighters can also be used as eyeshadows as there are none apart of the Fenty Beauty line as of yet. There are also 4 duo compact highlighters included in the collection where I found them to be the same shade, but one side was more packed with glitter, where as the other was meant to look more “wet” or glossy” than glittery.

“Fenty Glow Universal Lip Luminizer

If you wanna talk about LIP GLOSS POPPIN then honey this is it! This “Fenty Glow” Gloss had my lips looking soon kissable and juicy I LOVE IT! It has a great wearability and definitely is a universal shade. It has micro size glitter flakes that illuminates the lips without being too much, and the rose shade flatters all skin tones. I applied the gloss at 9:40am and never had to reapply! My lip gloss was popping to the max all day. Although the gloss is very glossy its not messy or sticky tor heavy on the lips. This is probably my favorite product in the line.

Beauty Tools

I have not personally tried any of the tools, but I do think the Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush is very unique. I touched and looked at the brushes on display in Sephora, and upon 1st glance was not excited about them.The foundation brush is a strange shape and I believe it would be difficult to apply in tight spaces like corners of the eye or be very precise because it does not come to a point. It was also a little to densely packed in my opinion to not be a flat top or kabuki shape. The Highlight brush was unique as it securely fits around the apples of the cheek to apply your powder highlighter. The precision beauty sponge also could not apply as precise as I think it should as it also does not come to a point. The sponge does look like it will pounce nicely on the skin to apply foundation and blend concealers. If you are looking for a more full coverage application I would not suggest applying with a beauty sponge, as it soaks up product. The travel size brushes are something I would honestly never use as the shape and density in my opinion will not be of optimal use for the job its described to do.


My Thoughts

My thoughts on the collection as a whole is GREAT JOB Rhianna! Although I was not eager like most to purchase the entire collection as many of the items did not yell at me to buy them like my recent makeup purchases have, I see all the hard work she has put into the creation of these products. She took the time to not only cater to WOC who have been screaming at brands to include them, but also to the opposite end of the spectrum whom I feel is also neglected by a lot of makeup brands. I do not believe I have every seen a white foundation and too also see a shade as dark as 490 that oxidizes even darker be a part of the same line was beautiful to me as a makeup consumer. The hard work and thought process definitely does not go unnoticed. The foundation shades are what had me most excited for this new brand, but as far as the other products I personally was not as impressed. This line caters to more of a makeup beginner than a pro. Not to say that I’m a pro by any means I just like a different type of application. To me the line caters to a younger market who is beginning to able in all that makeup can do and gives you a great quality product for a reasonable price from a high end brand. The highlighters and Match Skinsticks are cute, but that all they were to me was cute. The beloved “Trophy Wife” is more of an XXL eyeshadow pan to me than a highlighter that I could get daily use from. It is more of an editorial look for special occasion or “A Look” which I believe to be unnecessary for the everyday make wearer. It is just way too yellow in my opinion. As far as the other highlighters, again they are cute but I feel like i have better ones are ready in my makeup stash. The lip gloss is my favorite item of the line and truly does suit everyone. great price for a very high quality long wearing product. The entire line priced perfectly in my opinion. For it to be created by a superstar like Rhianna and sold in Sephora a luxury brand retailer, I think think she hit the price point right on the money! When I purchase makeup I want it to yell, WHEEESUP BIH! to make me inquire an want to buy it. The Fenty Beauty line was just over there like, Hey Girl. and did not really grab my attention aside from the foundations. I was not sitting at my computer or rushing to a Sephora to pick up anything from the line, but more of a awww when I get some more funds I’ll try it. I think I also felt like I could wait to try the products, because it is a permanent line and not limited addition so there is plenty of time and opportunity. I can speak to the positives of a brand without diving into the hype. I believe the products are pretty good, but the majority of the hype for the line is because it is created by an icon like Rhianna. I will gradually purchase more product because I do like them, but I can live without it for now.

Pics from: Instagram @fentybeauty, @cocoaswatches

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