Influenster x Suave Vox Box

It’s always a good day when you get s new box of goodies to try from Influenster ! This time Influenster has teamed up with Suave and sent me a complimentary Tropical Coconut Lotion and Clinical Protection Deoderant to try out! I’ve been using these two products for a week and I want to break down the pros and cons of each, as well as my overall thoughts on the products.

Tropical Coconut Lotion : I was hesitant in wanting to try this lotion as I am not a fan of coconut fragrance. Upon trying a small amount I was surprised to not be bothered by the fragrance at all. It was light and somewhat refreshing. The actual con of this lotion  is that it has no or very low moisture. The lotion seems to be mainly constructed of water. Once applied to the skin you can feel the watery texture and no moisture is put into the skin.  I built this as I used it on my hands but the true test was moisturizing my feet. Absolutely no moisture was contained as I apply the lotion as I normally would with my Nivea brand. The lotion has an OK fragrance but absolutely no moisture  giving ability.  In my opinion it is not a very good lotion and unless you really like tropical or coconut fragrances the smell is not the best.

Clinical Protection Deodorant:  this product also had be hesitant to try as I am accustomed to my Degree deodorant.  I have a condition called hypohidrosis and my Degree deodorant keeps this under control for long periods of time while keeping you both dry and a clean fragrance. I tested out the clinical protection deodorant both during normal day-to-day activities as well as strenuous workouts.  The deodorant held up very well under both conditions the only thing that I did not like, which is strictly preference,  is the consistency of the  deodorant. The consistency is unlike my normal deodorant it is a very wet feeling upon application.  This quickly goes away and the deodorant does keep me dry and lavender fresh all day.  This product does retail for $8, which I felt is kind of steep for an anti-perspirant but it does live up to its name of clinical protection.

This box is a 50-50 because I like one product and not the other. I am very thankful to influenced and Suave for sending me these complementary products for testing purposes.

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