Reflecting in Miami


I’ve definitely been slacking on these every week posts but ya girl been on the move. I just recently finished up my 2nd cluster of courses in my graduate program and had a week off before starting up again. I decided to do some traveling during this to visit some friends, work on my YouTube channel, and relax. I traveled to Nashville, Atlanta, and randomly Miami! I vlogged this whole trip and it will be up on my YouTube channel May 12, and there is a Swimsuit Look Book up now! During my random solo mid week trip to Miami I planned to do some dissecting and planning on how to bring all my dreams to fruition and reflect on everything I’ve over come to become TanBanGotti!

If you follow me on Snapchat then you’ve already heard this rant, and if you don’t…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! We be live on the chat (TDS0929). The basis of my rant and reflection was making sure that you give energy to the things that truly make you happy in life and that will take you to your overall goals! Not saying that everyone wants to or should be an entrepreneur, but we spend so much time working for other companies that we neglect advancing ourself and taking positive opportunities because we are “too tired”. I think about my days as a Visual Merchandisng manager at Forever 21 and how unhappy I was. I worked 80 hour weeks some weeks literally doing nothing but working doubles and a couple hours of sleep. These hours were voluntarily taken sometimes to be able to pay my bills, stay afloat, abd then take days off and commit them to solely exploring the country and more importantly giving myself time to work towards the things I truly wanted to do.

I always feel most free, clear, and open by the sea! While sitting at the beach reflecting in Miami I thought about who I was as a recent college grad in 2014 with my first real job to who I was grinding so hard to be a plus size model/body advocate, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle guru/ influencer blogger/vlogger, and brand ambassador in 2017. I quit my job and moved back home to reach one of my goals of getting a masters degree and work on putting great content into my YouTube channel and other social media platforms, being consistent, abd to build a trusted loyal following that would enable me to reach all my goals and live out my dreams! The gist of this post is to live in your truth and do things that make you happy! Life is wayyyyyyy too short! I hope you can take something positive from it abd take the time to think and decide how to work towards your personal goals!

xo TanBanGotti


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