The New Rainbow Shops

My love for fashion is not label or brand specific I will literally buy anything from anywhere if I like it. I believe I am not the only one who has heard the notions of Rainbow Shops being the “Ratchet Girl” store. Back in the day they offered cheap apparel and accessories that had the quality to match. I was never a fan and would avoid going in the store for the majority of untrendy items in “grandma” type prints and accessorized garments. Recently I have been seeing some of my favorite influencers recieveing apparel PR packages from Rainbow and to my surprise they were receiving some pretty cute pieces! I decided to make my own trip to my nearest Rainbow and was excited to see all of the new types of apparel, shoes, and accessories they were now offering. The new Rainbow has super cute and trendy pieces that are made of a much better quality than of previous years, I’m also excited that they have taken in the new trend of social media marketing. Using fashion influencers to promote their newest arrivals and help potential customers with styling ideas! On my recent visit to Rainbow I picked up some really cute items which can be seen pictured below! You can always check out my style on my Instagram (@chief_tan)  and I have fashion/store styling video look books on my YouTube channel (Tangeia Smith Channel) so make sure and subscribe !! Hope you can gain some inspo and as always…STAY TRILL

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